Doctoral Fellows

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Alex Chernoff

Between a Cap and a Higher Price: Modeling the Price of Dairy Quotas under Price Ceiling Legislation

This paper considers various policy alternatives to production quota price ceiling legislation in the Canadian dairy sector. I develop and estimate a model of farmers’ demand for quotas, and perform various counterfactual policy experiments using the estimated model.


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Michael Kottelenberg

Universal Childcare and Child Development

This body of research explores the impact of Quebec's $7-a-day childcare policy. I observe impacts on children cognitive scores, behavioural indices, and BMI and explore the role of parenting practices as a potential causal channel for the observed changes.


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Margaux MacDonald

Identifying the Origins of Global Imbalances

Increases in global imbalances in the last decade have presented several puzzles in international macroeconomics. One such puzzle is that fast growing emerging market economies lend to foreign markets in levels exceeding the amount they borrow. I explore the origins of this puzzle, and identify global and domestic drivers of these international capital flows. Further, I focus on the role uncertainty plays in driving investment out of emerging markets and into both advanced economies, such as Canada, and other emerging markets.


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Jeffrey Penney

Racial Interaction Effects and Student Achievement

Having a representative workforce in school is often seen as a desirable goal, with some policymakers speculating that students may benefit from being taught by teachers of their own race. My research explores this issue using mathematical models that take into account the temporal dimension of being exposed to a teacher of the same race. I find that timing matters, and own-race teacher effects on test scores are strongest in the early grades. The fact that white students are far more likely to be taught by white teachers than black students with black teachers explains a small portion but meaningful portion of the black-white test score gap.